Hello everybody, my name is Vlad Laurentiu and I am the founder of the nonprofit organization VitalHelp.


I am committed to educate myself everyday, constantly learning and studying.


I am extreme detail oriented. I have an eidetic memory, a high spatial ability in mental rotation, mental animation and paper folding with applied black on white textures. I also haveĀ an introverted personality with a need for perfectionism and symmetry or exactness.


I have experience with : nonprofits, leadership, investments, management, marketing, sales, growth hacking, lead generation, online marketing, entrepreneurship, brand development, search engine optimization (seo), outsourcing, online reputation management, social media, online sales funnels, online advertising, coaching, consulting, public speaking, business development, search engine marketing (sem), online traffic, email marketing, sales conversion, internet trends, digital marketing, return of investment, business strategy, project management, pay per click (ppc), business coaching, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, start-ups, project planning, social networks (facebook, google+, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, twitter, youtube), google analytics, graphic design (corel draw, photoshop), web design, programming, video editing (adobe after effects), photography.

Vlad Laurentiu - founder - Romania